Date Night with Michael: Panevino

We have some wonderful friends that we’ve been trading off babysitting with, and it was our turn to go out this weekend! Chunk-Chunk had a wonderful time playing with his pal Squish, and we had a delicious, elegant dinner at Panevino. It also doubled as an early Valentine’s Day dinner out since I usually cook a dinner for two at home for the actual day each year.

We eat out somewhat regularly but have Chunk-Chunk in tow, so we usually go to fairly casual spots where he blends in with all of the other patrons. As soon as we were seated, we started cracking up since we never eat anywhere fancy. The waiter started by asking us if white napkins were alright or whether we’d prefer dark colored ones to match our outfits. I was so confused that I thought they were surely asking about white wine preferences, so Michael spoke up to let them know the regular napkins were just fine. Before we even got the menu, we got our next surprise when the sommelier came by to make his recommendations for the evening. Don’t get me wrong; it was very nice to feel well taken care of in a restaurant. We’re just so used to eating quickly before our little guy is upset and usually taking part of the meal to finish after we’ve put him down for bed that it was such a pleasant luxury to take our time savoring our appetizer and having time for deeper conversations over dinner. And the sea scallops appetizer was succulent, though it sparked a conversation on what fork we were supposed to start with… Like I said, we’re a little rusty on the whole fine dining thing.

Pan seared scallops on a bed of roasted red bell pepper sauce drizzled with basil aioili

Pan seared scallops on a bed of roasted red bell pepper sauce drizzled with basil aioili

For date night, we were at Panevino for a 5:45 PM dinner reservation which was earlier than most people our age seem to eat since we were surrounded by a somewhat older crowd. This was most apparent when an older gentleman needed assistance and pulled a flashlight out of his pocket and started shining it in the faces of any nearby wait staff to try to get their attention. Michael didn’t tell me what was going on but started making the strangest expression. I was just appreciative, once he explained the situation, that his expression wasn’t because I’d done something socially awkward (which I’m really good at)!

Ever since I had my first Pinkbox Doughnut last October that started the obsession, I am always trying to find reasons to go by and try another flavor, so I was practically begging halfway through dinner for us to go snag a dozen at Town Square for a cheap dessert after dinner (and breakfast sugar high for the next morning), but we opted for dessert at Panevino and weren’t disappointed with the Creme Brulee and Pear Tart.

We ended the night picking up Chunk-Chunk, taking a date night selfie, and calling it a night. A really wonderful night.

date night car ride


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