Blackberries at Sprouts

This Week’s Menu

I’m actually writing this post in the dark while Chunk-Chunk is sleeping next to me. He’s been congested the past couple of night and hasn’t been sleeping much. I’m a little bit behind on blogging at the moment, but there are enough things already for me to question and beat myself up about! This week there were blackberries for an amazing deal at Sprouts, so I decided to try to incorporate them into as many dishes as possible. If they’re not in sale in your area, I’m sure a bulk bag of frozen blueberries could be substituted in almost all of the recipes. I’m also attempting to avoid wheat this week, so we’re using alternative carbs or lowering out intake of them.

I grew up in Texas picking blackberries that grew along the fences in my backyard, so I have a soft spot for them. Chunk-Chunk also has a soft spot for the book Jamberry, which I’m sure we’ll eat during the week. Unfortunately, he doesn’t care much for blackberries these days, but maybe he won’t catch a couple in a nice, warm batch of blackberry cornbread. That’s at least my hope.


  • Yogurt with Granola and Berries
  • Baked Blackberry Oatmeal
  • Smoothies


  • At-Home Salad Bar: lettuce, grilled chicken strips, leftover ham, boiled eggs, bell pepper, tomatoes, diced apple, cucumber, carrots, olives, etc.


Dessert of the Week

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